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Sourced from sustainably managed forests include northern hemisphere hardwoods such as cherry, oak, ash, maple, walnut and beech, as well as their more decorative variants such as burr walnut and pippy oak. More exotic hardwoods, also sourced ecologically, include mahogany, macassar ebony, zebrano and many others.

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Use of laminates is extensive within the industry, and we can source all types, woodgrains or plain colours, and brands such as Formica, Egger, Polyrey.


Solid surfaces have unique properties which can give excellent results, combining visual elegance with supreme functionality. We use materials from the best manufacturers, Corian, Wilsonart, Avonite, LG Hi-Macs.


It may be mild steel, used for structural purposes, or a more specialised finish for decorative use, such as stainless steel, polished, brushed, bead blasted or chrome plated. We also use brushed aluminium in sheet form. Whatever it is, we have the experience to work with it.


Plexwood is available in 9 kinds of wood, in 11 types of products that can be used for floors, staircases, podia, (dividing) walls, doors, ceilings, furniture, letters, logos, and many other applications, creating unlimited design freedom and flexibility. Plexwood is strong and durable due to the build-up of our material: a combination of end grain wood and wood with the grain and can be tailored to almost any technical and/or sustainability standard.


Valchromat is an innovative and award winning product. It can be categorised somewhere between a wood fibre board and a solid surface because of the specially formulated resins and organic dyes within the board. All wood used is FSC certified and is sourced from forest waste, residue from timber mills, pine and recycled pine. Valchromat can be finished with a variety of different products, including oil, wax, lacquers, varnish and paint with no edging required.


Lacquer is often associated with high gloss effects, but it is used for the whole range of surface finishes, through satin right down to dead matt at the other end of the scale. It may also have surface texture, and has the advantage of being available in an infinite range of colours.


Leather and faux leather, PVC and fabrics are all used to clad panels for a soft, organic feel. We have used these, as well as wall coverings from Tektura and Muraspec to create fabulous interiors.


Glass is the ultimate modern material, and its varieties are numerous. We have worked with toughened glass, laminated glass, back-painted glass, frosted glass, acid-etched glass and applied manifestations. In addition, there are many, more specialised treatments offered by manufacturers and processors.

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