Martina and the Environment

Martina’s directors recognise that the Company’s manufacturing and commercial activities will have an impact on the environment in both the short and long term. It is Company policy, therefore, to minimise any adverse effects, and to strive to make positive contributions to the benefit of the immediate environment whenever possible.

What We Do:

– Source wood and wood-based raw materials from suppliers who have FSC accreditation.

– Minimise the use of petroleum based products such as wood finishing lacquers and explore the future use of water-based solvents.

– Dispose of all waste in accordance with good re-cycling practice and prevailing legislation.

– Minimise the use of energy by encouraging efficient use of machinery and equipment in the manufacturing process, and by judicious application of heating and lighting throughout the premises.

– Engage with the Local Authority’s programme of environmental improvements.

– Ensure that the Company’ own grounds, where practicable, are planted and maintained to a good standard.